Witness Run
Anno di produzione: 1996
Witness Run

Titolo originale

La Signora della città

Running Time


Genere Film




Love, Intrigue. Passion. These are the fundamental ingredients of an engrossing story comparing the destinies of two fascinating women. In a violent and corrupt Sicily, Rosa – played by an intense Maria Grazia Cucinotta – will use all her courage to force the Count Mastalli di Sansovino to recognize Salvatore, the result of their one-time passion. The world of fashion and high finance is the setting for the story of Kimberly, the fascinating Barbara Blanc, a top model forced by events to conceal her past. Two stories so different from one another, two world which seem a thousand miles apart. And yet Rosa and Kimberly have much in common: the desire to emerge, the awareness of their strenghts, and the faith in life’s important values.