Monicelli Mario's Version
Anno di produzione: 2012
Monicelli Mario’s Version

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This documentary is born from the meeting of five people who have met, admired and loved Mario Monicelli. Some years ago, Wilma Labate, Felice Farina and Mario Gianni decided to spend a day with Mario Monicelli and film the gathering with a hand-held camera. It was not an interview, but an endless and free conversation, trying to capture his outlook not only on cinema but also on life, and therefore a rare and precious point of view. Mario Canale and Annarosa Morri met Monicelli at various times of his career: from film sets to interviews on diverse subjects, both in public and private circumstances, when they collected testimonies and memories often irreverent but always detailed and biting. These collected interviews interspaced with clips are the basis of a light-hearted, witty and incisive portrait of Monicelli as a man and filmmaker, which is presented under five headings.