La selvaggia
Year produced: 1976
La selvaggia

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La selvaggia

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On an island in the Caribbean, the Italian company of Eng. Astesani is developing an ambitious residential and mass tourism building complex project. Called from Italy to carry out some surveys, the surveyor Osvaldo Prinetti arrives in Margherita and has accepted with the hope of finding a local beauty in the exotic region, "La Selvaggia" destined to become his life partner. The employee Napoleon, instead of going to take over Prinetti, stops along the road because of Marisa, the busty secretary of Astesani, then offers a ride to the splendid Annie-France Boisson, a Parisian model of color who is making a detour on the island to find his parents and see that magnificent nature that will soon be made to disappear. One day, while she is wandering in almost Adamic costumes in wild places, Annie-France is discovered by Osvaldo who awkwardly approaches her. The girl plays with the simpleton; then, when the vacation time is over, she takes back her flashy clothes and greets him affectionately.