Il signor Ministro li pretese tutti e subito
Year produced: 1977
Il signor Ministro li pretese tutti e subito

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Il signor Ministro li pretese tutti e subito

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In the town of Rovignano the municipal council, abundantly corrupt, has experienced moments of terror since a friend has secretly informed them that the Minister of Finance is about to send an inspector. The Mayor, Luigi Romagnoli, and his collaborators, who are the parish priest and other notables, fall into deception when Piero Santin, agent of the Insurance Company "La Meglio", which has Salvatore as its general director, arrives in the village. The deception arises unintentionally from a phone call from the new minister and the resulting operation ends entirely to his benefit. Santin, in fact, an inept agent and under threat of dismissal, is welcomed into the Mayor's villa and pampered by all of his women: his wife Bettina, daughter Ornella, niece Piera and the maid Doris. This, tired of the oppression and aware of everything, opens the eyes of the insurer who takes advantage of it to take out large insurance policies with all those involved in the messes of the municipal administration. And when, loaded with money, Santin and Doris have already flown away, Ercole Santapace, the authentic inspector of Finance, arrives on time.