” KULT MOVIE ” Our new youtube channel

Kult Movie is a project born in collaboration between Surf Film Srl and CG Entertainment which aims to collect in a single YouTube channel many of the Italian and foreign films that have contributed to writing the history of Italian and international cinema. Kult Movie – Stay tuned Kult Movie è un progetto nato in […]


Winner of  “NASTRI D’ARGENTO  2019”: Best documentary    Capri Hollywood – December 26, 2018 / January 2, 2019 Winner of   “CAPRI DOCU AWARD 2018” Screening: on December 28th at 4,15 pm c/o Cinema Paradiso  Room 1 Capri Hollywood   Italy on Screen Today- New York & Miami NEW YORK December 8 – 11, 2018 Screening: […]

Newly produced docufilm “MUSES AND GODS” (Muse e Dei)

For Catherine,  Risi had a mysterious secret, for Ornella he was not at all cynical, as many said, Fanny says that Scola knew how to listen to her, and Stefania confesses that Ettore is still her imaginary confidant, Caterina states that when Antonioni looked at you, you felt unique…  and then Isabella, Giovanna, Paola, Monica, […]

“LA DONNA SCIMMIA” (The Ape Woman) 4K Restoration

Restored by Cineteca of Bologna and TF1 Studio in collaboration with Surf Film  at 74th Venice International Film Festival. The screening will take place: “Venice Classics” September 06th, 2017 – Wednesday, Room Giardino 2:15 pm (Official screening) September 08th, 2017 – Friday, Room Volpi 11,00 am