Trappola D’Autore

Franco Salvia
Orso Maria Guerrini, Angela Molina
Year produced
Running time

Bruna and Marco make their living by seducing couples and blackmailing them. Alex, instead, claims to be an art expert but is really a hacker working for the organized crime. He is working with Eva for the realization of a project aiming to hack the archives of the Secret Services. Marco and Bruna, not knowing their real identity, think they could be the perfect prey for their next scam, but they end up being mixed up in a gigantic network of intrigues and espionage. Complicating the situation are the feelings that Bruna feels for Alex, who takes advantage of her to implement a strategic plan which will allow him to free himself from the Secret Services and from Ivan, a hacker who is looking to kill him, as he had previously cloned his software in order to subtract the funds during bank transfers.

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