Prigionieri di Un Incubo

Franco Salvia
Corinne Clery, Gianni Mazza
Year produced
Running time

Taking advantage of the Carnival holidays a group of friends decides to spend a week at the Miramare Residence, owned by a woman named Ursula. She is insanely attached to Valerio, a member of the group who has always been in love Silvana, and he his ready to risk everything to have her. Silvana, however, is in a relationship with Federico, who joins the group, angry because aware of Valerio’s feelings. It definitely will not be an easy week for the friends, and they realise this the first night when a violent storm will leave them in the dark. From that moment, they begin to experience very strange happenings, the tension rises when some people of the group begin to disappear, until there is a homicide. Alessandra, a policewoman and sister of one of the girls in the group will try to help, but in vain. Not even Inspector Roberti’s intervention will help, and they both disappear just like the rest of them. The terror will reign when the four survivors will finally realise they are the actual protagonists of a nightmare.

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