Dead Fright

La Gabbia
Giuseppe Patroni Griffi
Tony Musante, Laura Antonelli
Year produced
Running time

Michael’s lover Helen, recently divorced from her husband, is bringing her son Bernard outside of Paris to his grandmother’s house, to spend Christmas holidays there. Whilst she is away Michael meets the landlady on the stairs: her name is Marie, and she reminds him of someone he cannot figure out. Curious to know, he goes to her apartment, where her daughter Jaqueline invites him in, and he discovers she is a girl he had slept with one summer in the past when she was 16. The relationship between the two is recuperated within moments. The morning after however, he finds himself tied to the bed and Marie tells him that she does not want him to leave like he did in the past. Here starts the misadventure of the poor man, victim of a disturbed woman: he is humiliated sexually and stabbed by the woman, who is clearly mentally ill. Helene tries desperately to contact him, but she is completely unaware of Marie’s movements. All his attempts to free himself are in vain. He has the idea to make Jaqueline think he is in love with her and not his mother, this surprises the two and the reaction is very violent. Jaqueline ties her mother to the bed where Michael is in very bad conditions, and the three remain stuck in a triangle of degradation and death.

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